Powder Coatings

Ferro Arte de Mexico, S.A. de C.V., Powder Coating Division is a coating company that offersPowder Coatings (15) powder coating services to the metal mechanical industry. The divisions primary focus is on powder coating, wet paint, sandblasting and shot blasting applied to fabricated steel parts for various manufacturing companies.

The Company’s motto is “Fast and Flexible Service”. Our objective is to provide our clients powder coating of their metal components on time. Customers can rely onPowder Coatings (2) Ferro Arte de Mexico for fast proposals, and on time delivery of their powder coatings. Meeting turnaround times is our top priority to produce long-term relationships.

Our coatings provide durability, scratch resistance, and weather resistance. We have a wide range of colors, glosses, finishes and textures. Whether you are dealing in steel, aluminum, or galvanized steel. our process will give you the long lasting, quality finish you need. Powder coating is an environmentally friendlier option than painting with limited Volatile Organic Compound emissions, and less hazardous waste.

Our expert finishing technicians apply superior powder coat finishes that are proven to be extremely durable for metal products such as outdoor furniture, automotive parts, railings, and just about anything else that is metal. We provide dependable service at a competitive price.

Ferro Arte utilizes a 356 foot powder coating line #1 with a 36’L x 10´W x 5´H oven located in one of the company’s 15,000 sq. foot areas which provides the facilities to wash, phosphate, dry, powder, bake or paint , inspect and pack parts for shipping all under roof. Powder Coatings (4)

Wash System
Tank #1 -  Degreasing
Tank #2 -  Rinse
Tank #3 -  Rinse
Tank #4 -  Phosphate
Tank #5 -  Seal
Oven Gas
Powder Coating Baked
36'L X 10'W X 5'H
Speed -  3Ft Per Minute
Oven Cycle Time -  20 Minutes
Oven Temperature -  365/410 Degrees
Ferro Arte also utilizes a second 140 foot powder coating line with a 20’L x 8´W x 8’H oven. In this 3.300 sq. foot area, the line provides shot-blast equipment room capacity of 69” diameter x 18”h, and a sandblasting room measuring 4´W x 16´L x 8´H, and can also paint or powder coat, bake, inspect and pack parts for shipment without being exposed to the elements.

Quality Control Tests
  • Paint Cured Rest: MEK
  • Hatch Testing
  • Thickness Gauge
  • Glossmeter
Powder Spray Booth Equipment
Chemicals Used Provided By: